The Joseph Maffeo Foundation

FEATURED PROJECT: The Joseph Maffeo Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) as part of the New Women & Newborn Center at Staten Island University Hospital

We are excited and proud to announce that the Joseph Maffeo Foundation & Children’s Program at SIUH – Northwell Health is alive and well. With a new found energy, we are re-committed and about to embark on a new and wonderful journey – making our world a better place, not only for the children of Staten Island, but for the newborns, infants and their entire families. With our new found energy and enthusiasm, we will be spearheading the development and fundraising efforts for the construction of the much needed NEW Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). The New NICU will be part of the NEW Women and Newborn Center that is so desperately needed at Staten Island University Hospital – Northwell Health.

With numbers increasing every year, the new unit will strongly support this growing demand of Obstetrics Services amongst Staten Island residents. Parents eagerly anticipate bringing their newborn home, so it can be frightening if their baby is admitted into the neonatal intensive care unit. To enhance the capability and care, help us continue our efforts as we focus on the construction of the brand new Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, as part of the Women and Newborn project at Staten Island University Hospital.

For the most fragile infants, those born prematurely or with severe medical conditions, the NICU delivers the latest in life-saving technologies and treatments along with the highly attentive care these tiny babies need.

Currently the NICU functions as an 11-bed unit, working to full capacity. Expanding the unit to 20 beds will increase access to neonatal and other intensive care services for infants in critical condition. The new unit will also be equipped with a family waiting area for family members who are visiting their infants in the unit.

Joseph Maffeo NICU Benefactors